About Monkiri

We are a Startup company delivering a mobile e-learning platform with the goal of improving financial literacy and inclusion.  We want to act as the bridge between consumers and financial service providers. We teach our users about core financial concepts and then we expose them to what their available financial options are. We do this through our gamified platform that makes learning about these concepts engaging.  The end goal is to make it easier for people to learn the underlying principles and know what their available financial options are.

We are actively growing and are still in the development stages. We are a Canadian based company, but our target market is currently in South East Asia, specifically Cambodia and Myanmar. We are working together with several financial service providers, international institutions, and others.


The Position

We are looking to hire an animator to help create engaging educational content explaining different financial concepts. You will be a part of the initial decision-making process for the style, structure, animation software(s) and overall development of the animated lessons. This means you will have a large impact on the overall design and feel of the platform. You will be working together with the design and content creation teams to develop the lessons. This position is currently a part-time position, with the possibility of full time as the company grows.


Role and Responsibilities

  • Develop engaging content

  • Make initial design decisions and help develop the Monkiri style

  • Collaborate with different departments and clients

  • Research design styles that will resonate with our target clients

  • Develop concept pitches and storyboards



  • Excited to be a part of the decision-making process

  • Confidence to propose new ideas

  • Ability to work both independently and in collaboration with other team members

  • Self-starter with the ability to work remotely and meet deadlines

  • Passionate about having a positive impact on the end users

  • Willing to do the initial legwork and excited to have a heavy influence on the overall design style

  • Background in graphic, illustration and animation 

If you are interested in the position, please tell us why this position excites you.  Also send a copy of your resume and your portfolio to