Learning with Monkiri

We focus on developing a curriculum that is fun and rewarding. Learning should not be a hassle but an opportunity. By using interactive game concepts and real-world opportunities, we are building lessons that give users a sense of achievement that they will want to keep coming back to.



Our lessons are designed to be fun and immersive. We want to make it so that learning is something to enjoy. Lessons are broken down into levels to allow users can track their progress. Users have complete freedom over what courses they want to take and how fast they go through them.



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Even after a person’s level of financial literacy improves, their level of financial inclusion still might lag behind unless they know their available financial options. As users master financial concepts, they will unlock lists of service providers. This allows users to see all of the different services out there so they can evaluate their choices and then select the service that is perfect for them. This way, users will be better equipped to make real world financial decisions based on their own knowledge.

For example, once a user completes the “Savings” curriculum, they gain access to a list of savings service providers. Knowing their different options, they can then weigh the pros and cons of each product, and make the a decision that best suits their needs.

answering the why

We believe it is important for the users to know why they should learn something before they even start learning it. We provide quick overviews to our lessons that explain why a skill is important and how it applies to the real-world. This creates clear incentives and tangible examples of what is to be gained, and helps encourage users to start learning.

Continued Growth

We see learning as a life long process and we want to support our users in their educational development. We encourage continued learning by developing new curriculum, challenges and other opportunities. Our dream is to have everything that a person would want to know about finance to be right at their finger tips.