OUR Values      

We believe people should have the ability to make their own choices in life. No matter the lifestyle someone wants to live, everyone should get equal opportunities to pursue their dreams.  We want to help give people more control over their lives through financial inclusion.

Whether money plays a large or small role in someone’s life, it will still be apart of it. We want to educate people on financial concepts and expose them to the best opportunities. This way, people will feel confident in their skill set and that they can make the best financial decision for them self.


Our Approach

We are tackling financial inclusion from a three-step process

  1. Understanding financial concepts. These are things like compound interest, savings accounts, pensions, insurance plans and other technical aspects of finance.

  2. Access to financial services. In many developing countries there is a disconnect between consumers and producers of financial products. Consumer’s don’t know why they need these services, what they are, where to get them or if they are even real. We want to build the bridge to solve this disconnect.

  3. Utilize the best choice. Once a user understands the underlying financial concepts and are shown what their available options are, they get to choose what works best for them. This process puts the power into the hands of the consumers, helping them feel confident in making their best financial decision. Whether it’s signing up for insurance, a savings account, a mobile transfer system or even saying no to a service, they will have the skills to make an informed decision.

OUR goal

Bringing everyone into the game of finance. Currently, 70% of people in emerging economies don’t know the rules because they lack the understanding of the essential concepts. Without being able to understanding the concepts, it means that over 2 billion people are excluded from financial services.

We want to make level the playing field, giving people the chance to learn the rules of the game and know their options.